Eimhe Branding & App UI

Goal: Building an app that will allow users to chat with a close circle of friends as well as professionals to support their mental health and emotional intelligence.

Restrictions and needs:


  • A conversational tool that allows user to talk to their circle of trust, circle of professionals as well as AI.
  • Professional profiles and contact
  • A resource section
  • A way to alert a safe contact when in distress

Process Summary: After identifying the needs of the app with the co-founders, I went ahead and created low-res wireframes. We've iterated on those gradually before jumping to high fidelity screens. Having done the branding for Eimhe, I was familiar with the colors and the direction of the brand. I adjusted the colors slightly to give a calm look and feel to the app.

Software: Figma

Team: 1 UI Designer and 2 co-founders

My role: UI Design & Branding

The challenge: Competing priorities was the challenge here. The founders had a big vision for their app. We've addressed that by balancing business goals with the go-to-market audience needs.