Crowdz Mobile App

Goal: Creating a mobile app to allow sellers to easily accept offers for their unpaid invoices on our platform.

Restrictions and needs:

  • Need: The mobile app should present the same information that's available on the desktop app.
  • Need: The mobile app should provide the same functionalities available on the desktop app.
  • Good-to-have: The mobile app should appeal to crypto enthusiast users without discouraging users who aren't.

Process Summary: We've developed a user journey and mapping followed by wireframes. We've then applied the branding and created prototyping. A design system was created in Figma for the Version 2 which allowed us to communicate effectively with the developers.

Software: Figma

Team: 1 UX Research, 1 UI Designer and 1 Project Lead

My role: UI Design & Branding

The challenge: Translating complex tables from desktop to a mobile experience targeted for busy small and medium business owners.

2022 — #UI Design